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Our adventures started in amazing Alaska, but have since taken us to beautiful Spokane Valley, Washington. Our family consists of Nick (Dad), Becki (Mom), and our four boys: Alvin, Alex, Rilie, and Jackson. I enjoy homeschooling our kids and we're excited for what adventures Spokane has for us.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

17 weeks and counting...

Things are looking up for the Anderson household. My first trimester fog of exhaustion and mood-swings has lifted. I am beginning to feel a filter on my mouth, so I feel more confident hanging out with friends. Although, my vocabulary is greatly declining, it's better than speaking before thinking. The baby is growing healthy and well. I'm definitely showing. We're excited to find out what we're having next week! We already have a narrow list of names, but don't feel sold on anything just yet.

Nick's work is going well. He's been enjoying the federal holidays. We have one more next month and then were on a dry spell for awhile. We miss having a job that gives more vacation time, but we are grateful he has such a great job. Nick is beyond excited we're having  baby. He has enjoyed the different visits and sneak peaks at the baby.

The boys are doing well. The new baby has served as great motivation for reading. They want the baby to know their voices, so they enjoy reading & singing to my tummy. It's really cute. Alvin's home school is coming a long much better. We still plan on enrolling him back in public school next year, but it's nice to find a flow that keeps everyone sane. Paul's been a great helper around the house. Whenever he notices me napping in my room, he comes in and asked me if I want a lamp on or my music playing. He is so sweet. Rilie is coming out of terrible twos. He still isn't talking much, but we're giving it another 3 - 6 months. The pediatrician recommended PIC come out, they did and agreed we'd wait and see. It's nice having that confirmation.

Overall, things are going well.Nick and I are teaching the Valiant 9 class. We love it. There are only 4 of them, but we have fun making the lessons as interactive as possible. Each of them want to read the Book of Mormon this year, so we're encouraging them. One of our kiddos has already finished, he started 6 months ago. It was his own goal he accomplished by himself. We are really proud of him.