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Our adventures started in amazing Alaska, but have since taken us to beautiful Spokane Valley, Washington. Our family consists of Nick (Dad), Becki (Mom), and our four boys: Alvin, Alex, Rilie, and Jackson. I enjoy homeschooling our kids and we're excited for what adventures Spokane has for us.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Family update:

Picture posting got very behind, so when I found the time... I just posted like crazy. I'd like to give an update that lets you know how we're doing, as well as how we're lookin'.


Nick is doing great. Work is moving along. We're looking for a hobby he can loose himself in. Nick is a homebody, so something he can do at home... keeping in mind there is a two year old lurking somewhere, at all times. We're considering turning the homeschool room into a hobby room. I'd still keep my homeschool stuff in there, but move the table over and give Nick space for model painting. We'd need to add a shelf, so he can put things up to dry, because again... a 2 year old is lurking by, ready to strike! Nick has considered beginning martial arts again. He truly enjoyed his Karate class in AK. He hasn't found anything advertising that style though. Once we buy a home, he is eager to start home improvements.


I'm doing well. Keeping busy, but having fun. I was feeling really lonely last week, and prayed someone would call me on their own volition. My prayers were answered and three people called me! Plus my visiting teachers came by & my visiting teaching companion called to do some impromptu visiting. It was great. This week, I'm throwing a Sister Potluck at my home. I'm trying to throw some kind of girls night, monthly, to help me reach out and get to know people. My ward is awesome and super friendly, but when you homeschool it takes up that time you'd spend hanging out with other women. Next month, I'm organizing a cookie swap.


This was a BIG month for Alvin. This is the first month he has fasted. (Fasting is a part of our faith. You refrain from eating & drinking for two meals, while seeking the Lord through prayer & scripture study regarding a specific topic in your heart. The money you saved from not eating is donated to our church to help the poor. Since Alvin is not buying his own meals, we cover the donation end). It was really hard for him, but he did it. This is my child that already eats like a teenager, so we knew fasting would be hard for him. As his mom, I enjoyed explaining fasting and encouraging him to pick something to fast about. He could keep it in his heart, or share it with me. He choose to share it with me. It was really touching and something truly important to him. When he struggled with being hungry, we prayed together and talked about what he was fasting for. I could tell the Spirit had touched him. On Fast Sunday, our church holds a Fast & Testimony meeting. This is where people from the congregation share their personal testimonies of the Savior, as they feel impressed to. I've explained this to the boys and always told them, if you feel impressed to share your testimony you can go up. I don't coach my kids on what to say, because it's their personal testimony. My boys have always shook their heads and went back to their paper airplanes. This Sunday, Alvin nodded and went right up to the pulpit (all by himself!). He stood tall, and said, "I want to bear my...." he was stuck. I mouthed the words, "testimony" to him... but he couldn't figure out what I was saying. So, I joined him and whispered in his ear, "testimony". He took it from there. He told everyone how he loved General Conference, because I give them candy if they listen for the right word. He got a good chuckle from the congregation. Watching him formulate his words, was a miracle. Watching him stand in front of a crowd and speaking, was a miracle. Watching him do it on his own, not being told he had to, was a miracle. Something I will keep in my heart forever. We have two brothers in our wards, successful, married with children who struggle with speaking due to brain damage  I've pointed them out to Alvin and the potential he has... even though it's hard. It's been wonderful for him to see.

Also, Alvin has learned how to fry his own eggs! He is very proud of this and asks to fry eggs daily. He seasons them with Nature Seasonings. Oh and tonight, Alvin lost a tooth!


Alex loves homeschool. He loves his math lessons on the TV. He has incredible penmanship. He's finding his groove and discovered, if we finish early... we can do all sorts of fun things. He is an incredible big brother and helps a lot with Rilie & Jackson. He has also learned how to fry eggs. Quality time is important to him, so I try to make time for him by inviting him to cook with me and taking him grocery shopping. I let him pick out our treat to share. At the library, he helps me look for books about different regions we are studying. He finds the best books for us to read together! Soccer ends this weekend. Alex did not care for soccer. I don't think Alex is really into organized sports, and that's fine. It was fun to try, but we'll do something else later. He is a good dancer, so we're considering a hip hop dance. He does enjoy swimming. We started swim lessons last week. The YMCA is amazing! The pool has a water slide, umbrella/mushroom shower, dump buckets, and it's heated! Alex loves the water.


Rilie turns 3 years old in 13 days! I can't believe it. He hasn't picked a hand yet to write/draw with. He uses his right hand the most and leads with his right foot, but sometimes trades his pencil to the left hand to draw. I'm anxious to see where it stops (being a lefty, myself). Rilie's sleep schedule is coming together. He is going to bed between 8 - 10pm, much improved! He is less cranky in the late afternoon/early evening. He is getting much taller! We aren't ready for potty training, but introducing the idea here and there. He still loves movies and does not appreciate our attempts to limit this. His favorite shows: Diego, Nemo, Toy Story, Cars, and Mater Tales. Even though he loves his TV, he loves being outside the most. We've been running up and rolling down hills, throwing autumn leaves in the air, and he is trying to ride his brothers' scooters. Rilie is fascinated with scooters. He loves stealing his brother's scooter and trying to ride them. He doesn't have the coordination for them, but it anxious to figure it out. They have scooters for his age, but with snow fall coming... I'm leaning towards waiting for the spring. His speech is improving. We've learned a dozen or more words this month: Mah-Ti (Mater Tales), Buzz, euwie (anything disgusting), oopsy, milk, wah wah (water), Yack Yack (Jack Jack - Jackson), shoo (shoe), bur-d (bird), Lana (Alanna), pack pack (back pack) and more.


Jackson is such a happy baby. He loves babbling to anyone and no one. He giggles, but not often. He enjoys standing. He hates tummy time. Fortunately, he was blessed with a mother that rarely remembers to do this... maybe once a week. He loves songs. He's my first kid that lights up to my singing. His brothers sing to him all the time. Rilie loves his Yack Yack. Rilie enjoys touching his face, and even keeps his fingers out of his eyes now. Any wrap or carrier hurts my back now. I was on regular massages, but I keep forgetting to go. This last time, they didn't call... so I think they dropped me as a patient. Either way, Jackson is doing great. He loves his crazy busy loud family. His brothers thought he was old enough to ride on Rilie's car. They set him up and began playing something else. He fell off face first. He was okay, he cried really good... which taught them a lesson. I told them not to put him on anything without asking first.

In the end:

In the end, we are doing great. We're prepping for Halloween. Nick and I are adjusting our budget to pay off medical bills and save for a home. We've found several homes that we love... well at least the pictures of them. In the end, we both know the perfect home for us will be ready when we are. We love you all! Happy Autumn!!

Saturday, October 27, 2012


Dinosaur Museum with Anderson cousins.

Building a dinosaur.

Playing in the autumn leaves. 

I love this video of Rilie!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Road Trip, Pumpkin Pie, and Autumn Leaves


My first real American road trip! I packed up the kids and we headed for Provo, UT. 
(Sorry for the lack of announcement, I wanted to make this trip about family). 
It was a wonderful drive! The last three hours were long, but overall... a great trip! 

We left at 6:45am, mist was still rising off the lake. The lakes in ID were BEAUTIFUL!!! 
I never knew how gorgeous the NW truly is. 

First rest stop. We usually needed break every 2.5 hours, 
between restless kids and nursing babies. 
Alvin is smashing rocks with a rusty maul.

Deer jaw bone... and lots of bear scat around. Nothing refresh though.

Dinosaur Museum

Cousins! Alvin and Alex were so excited to see their UT cousins. 
This is at the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point. 

Behind the glass, you can watch them clean actual dinosaur bones!

My camera had a hard time focusing in the dim lighting. 

Erosion table. It was full of sand and streaming water. 
There was a little boy who climbed on top, and Rilie was quick to follow. 

This scale tells you which dinosaur weighs the same as you, 
we won't tell you which one.


Great Skeleton!

Sand pits, you can sweep away the sand and discover dinosaur skeletons. 

This is Jackson's mischievous face. 

I love this picture of Tennyson... I wish the camera didn't yellow it so much.

Temple Square
This part of the trip was so important to me. I actually got to take my boys to temple square. 
I haven't been in 10 years... a lot has changed. 

This is probably the most beautiful mall I have ever been too. 
Instead of indoor hallways, you walk outside. 
In the middle of the "hallway" there are creeks and ponds with live fish swimming.

I'm shocked no one fell in the water!

They were all big helpers!

My first time at the Cheese Cake Factory!
Peanut butter & chocolate one was fantastic!

Church head quarter.

Salt Lake Temple
My parents were married there, as well as Nick's grandparents.

Aunt Andrea provided pennies for each boy. She's so kind!

My camera died at this point :(

We toured the LDS museum with the children's section. The boys enjoyed working on Nephi's boat, handling a replica of the Golden Plates, biking like the missionaries, dressing up and learning Latin dances. 

Baking fresh pumpkin pie.

Alvin and Alex helped with the guts

Rilie "helped" wash the seeds. 

Jackson looked adorable in this outfit!

My angel, Alex.

Sweet Alvin.

Gathering spices for pumpkin pie. 

My amazing boys!

Rilie loves climbing into Jackson's car seat. 

My little elf. 

Autumn Leaves
The boys were piling up leaves to ride their scooters through. 

Let me out! Let me out!

Rilie was busy un-piling the leaves. 

Typical Rilie face.

Rilie desperately wants to ride a scooter. 

Alex chatting with Jackson. All the boys are so good with him. 

Another common expression of Rilie's.