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Our adventures started in amazing Alaska, but have since taken us to beautiful Spokane Valley, Washington. Our family consists of Nick (Dad), Becki (Mom), and our four boys: Alvin, Alex, Rilie, and Jackson. I enjoy homeschooling our kids and we're excited for what adventures Spokane has for us.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Summer continues...

Summer Continues...

Our summer has been simple and wonderful. I realized I haven't been up to Green Acres once, or any road trips really. Nevertheless, it has been a wonderful summer of friends, gardening, and park hopping. 

Alvin and Alex LOVED Cub Scout Camp. I enjoyed being with them. At Cub Camp they enjoyed many activities: water tag (spray bottles), water relays, obstacle courses, archery, bb guns, crafts, wood working, leader stamping, knots, setting up tents, first aide, nature walks, identifying poisonous plants, bottle rockets, and more. It was 90 -100 degrees. I am happy to report, we have acclimated and handled the heat very well. I was impressed by the leaders. The boys were to fill up their water bottles at each station, and received a blue bead. Each time they needed to use the restroom, they received a yellow bead. If our boys didn't have a good ration of the two, they were to see the nurse. 

(I don't have pictures of Cub Camp yet, but I will soon)

Jackson enjoying carrots!

Alvin has saved his allowance and birthday money. He was very excited to finally purchase these!

Alex used his birthday money for this and the Lego watch he is wearing on his left wrist.  

Rilie enjoying one of our garden carrots. 

Pioneer Day
This is a big to-do down here! I only had clothes for Rilie. Next year, I hope for all of us to dress up.
If you don't know what Pioneer Day is... it's where we, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, celebrate the sacrifice of those who came before us. Specifically the men, women, and children that were forced to leave their homes time and time again, searching for a place to worship peacefully. We also celebrate those who are modern-day pioneers blazing a spiritual legacy for their posterity.

 I don't know the little girl on the right, but doesn't she look cute!

Straw pit full of prizes. 

Enjoying a yummy breakfast!

These two are friends of Alvin and Alex. 
Aren't they adorable!

One of the many things I love about Spokane. People are very friendly and giving. 
A family brought their horses to give the children rides. 

Rilie missed out on the horse rides. He didn't want to wait in line and was throwing a major fit, three times.
Beginning to understand what my parents said, "This hurts me more than it hurts you."

We enjoyed gold panning

This gentle man built this tractor piece by piece.

Rilie loved the tractors!

Liberty Lake Days
This is a fun FREE community event! There were sack races, ring tosses... you know, all those ridiculously expensive fair games. Business set up booths with information about themselves and a children's booth. Only one person charged for their activity (bounce house and water slide). They also had classic cars for people to look at. They also had a pie eating contest. Alvin wanted to try it, but they were full.

Our friends Michael and Rebecca came with us.
Michael playing with Rilie. 

The fair was held next to this park.

This park has a fun Splash Pad. 

I have several videos... I will post them soon.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Alex's Baptism

Alex was baptized, Saturday, July 6. 

We are so proud of him and this big decision. Nick and I try to frame this event as their choice. We spend the whole year they are 7 years old talking about it. He received his own scriptures for his 7th birthday, so he would feel the responsibility of learning for himself if this was what he should do. He chose to tape the Gospel Standards next to his bed, so he could read them at night. We are so proud of our growing boy and his growing testimony.

Look at Alex and Nick!! I am so proud of them!!

Family picture!

Our Stake Center is next to the temple. 

Alex had to get there 45 minutes early, to practice a song. 
There were 10 children being baptized, so they sung "My Heavenly Father Loves Me"
Due to logistics, we all came 45 minutes early. Fortunately, there is a small park next to the temple. 

Alvin doesn't have any white shirts. So, he's playing outside... in 80 degree weather... in a sweater. 
Mom of the year award, right here!

Rilie got a hold of the camera. 
Some of the pictures turned out well. 

Our friends Michael and Rebecca.

John-David, from Rilie's perspective.

Alvin, tough guy!

Every time he saw this picture, he squeels "JESUS!" So, it's a keeper!

Rilie adventures! He's wearing the kuspuk I made the boys a long time ago. 
If you are making one yourself, do not give in the desire to make the rick-rack go all the way around the pocket to remind you of gingerbread men. AK Native people will glare at you. 

Nothing is better than cousins!

One of our summer highlights was having family come see us. Nick's brother's family came to see us for Alex's baptism. (Tasha, did I use all my possessives correctly?) We enjoyed spending 4th of July and Sam's birthday together as well! Many fun memories we're made!

We spent Sam's Birthday (and 4th of July) at Riverfront Park. The kids had a blast riding rides, eating yummies, and playing in the fountain. 

Alex and Julian

Alvin playing with Kael. 

Watching Taiko drummers. 
Checking hights... yup, we're good!

Uncle Adam, Aunt Andrea, and Kael.

Waiting for their turn.

Rilie loves the airplanes... he could ride them, again and again.

Loving Julian's toothless grin!

Quiet confidence (and tired of smiling for pictures).

Can you imagine how much fund they had on this ride?

This is a picture of a dedicated father.

Can you see how much they love each other?


Let it begin! Let it begin!

Don't forget Alanna! She won't let herself be forgotten!

Brothers having fun... well at least, supporting their children in having fun. 

Jackson took to Auntie Sam right away. 

Cousins forever! 

Waiting for their turn on the bumper cars. Sam told me a funny story of Julian coming to Tennyson's rescue the last time they rode in bumper cars. No one messes with his little brother!

We were getting ready to leave when the three older boys HAD to ride this. 

Next stop, Miniature Golf! 

Jackson loves to climb! This place was great. He got to climb up and down all over the course. 
I think we scared off potential customers. 

Rilie didn't understand why no one else liked him stealing their balls. 

Mama to the rescue!

Carousel Ride
This is one of the oldest ones in America. 




John-David and Alanna. 

Other's rode, but the pictures came out too blurry.

On to the Fountain!

The fountain is surrounded by rocks that shoot water toward the middle.
When I say shoot, don't think pleasant spray of water flowing in a beautiful arch... think FIRE HOSE!
The kids wouldn't have it any other way. 

Kael was so brave! He walked right in there and loved it. 

This is the middle. The water changes it's spray pattern often. 

Rilie loves this place! He ran around causing all sorts of mischief. 
I think we should call him Puck.

Having fun yet?


Brother Shot: I can think of some parents that will appreciate this photo!
"Brother's don't shake hands; brothers hug!" ~ Tommy Boy
Originally, they were spaced about one foot apart. 
I told them they needed to get closer together, they obliged by squishing Nick. 

We enjoyed showing family our favorite park. 

Alvin, Julian, Alex

Rilie and Tennyson

Alvin and Alanna


Jackson and Alanna love to keep up with their older brothers. Alanna is much quicker at it. Jackson is determined, until a bug, pebble, or something shiny comes along and takes him on a new course. 

The infamous merry-go-round. One of the reasons this is our favorite park! It also has incredible climbing trees. I don't think I have any pictures of them yet. 

Nick really enjoyed having John-David around to talk with.

Nothing is better than cousins! Sam and I love how much our kids love each other! 
They can't wait to see each other and so sad when it's all over. 
I hear Julian and Tennyson are already planning our trip to come see them.