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Our adventures started in amazing Alaska, but have since taken us to beautiful Spokane Valley, Washington. Our family consists of Nick (Dad), Becki (Mom), and our four boys: Alvin, Alex, Rilie, and Jackson. I enjoy homeschooling our kids and we're excited for what adventures Spokane has for us.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Anderson's are still alive!

We are still alive! My computer wasn't reading SD cards, and I know people (i.e. granparents) mainly come here for the pictures and short anecdotes, so we took a break. Recently, Nick informed me he had been putting pictures on my computer through his computer... so I guess, I didn't need to stop after all. Instead, of updating back to Spring, I will start anew. 

Jackson found my lipstick. He was very proud of his paint job on the bathroom. Trust me, it was in more places than just this.  

We went to Alaska to see family! We spent the first 10 days in Willow with my parents, then the next 10 days in Anchorage with Nick's parents. 

Alvin and Samantha

Alex and Ian

Elizabeth and a snowmachine

"This is where we keep the children" *creepy voice*
Actually, I think they were caught be the sheriffs and put in jail.


Alvin and baby Bilbo

Elizabeth and Jackson fell asleep during our walk. 

Rilie still loves books

Morning sleep heads!

The older boys build a sheriff's office, they were proud. 

Isaac and Alex

Alex, Isaac, Alvin, and Ian
Best Buddies!!

Rilie learning how to shoot and Zoa practicing her catholic prayer.

Elizabeth, too cute not to wear sunglasses

Zoa, "No, we're not!"

Then off to Anchorage, this is probably within two hours of arriving. The boys are blessed with two sets of amazing grandparents with all sorts of adventures. 

Alvin and Alex learning how to paddle a canoe, they got better. 

Grandpa saving them. 

Rilie pretending he is a mermaid.

Jackson asleep from the long car ride.

Grandma has a special toy room all set up for them. 

My family photo! We haven't had a family photo since my brother passed away, 2006. 

Celebrating Elizabeth (3), James (8), and Nick's (32) birthday.

Enjoying the dock. 

Grandpa added a swing set on to their play set. The kids enjoyed burying each other. Alvin said they were going all the way to China. 

Eating strawberries, raspberries, and peas... this is the life!

They were making rooms in the tall grass. 
Eventually, it all got padded down. 

Alvin and Alex are true fisherman. They never catch anything, yet are always out there trying.

Eating my favorite hot dog, reindeer with spice mustard, sauerkraut, and onions. 
Alvin thought it was great.

Don't feed the bears!

Alvin and Alex learned how to kayak too. 

I love Jackson's ducky face. 

We collected lots of slugs. 

The wind was not right for sailing most days. Nick was able to take the boys out one afternoon. The wind was great going out, and the wind would die as soon as they got to the middle of the lake. 

Thinning the carrots. Jackson and Rilie LOVED pulling carrots. 

This is my only child to do this Anderson tradition of throwing babies. 
I guess you do soften the more you get. 

Joel'lene crochet each of the boys their own creature. 
Alvin and Alex wanted dinosaurs, Rilie a robot, and Jackson an elephant. 

Nick spinning Rilie until he was sick.

Jackson running away from someone.

Tasha is by far his favorite aunt! (Sorry ladies). 
He asks for her often and it's always accompanied by a wish for spinning. 

Back Home

We had to check on the garden. I think it's doing pretty well!