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Our adventures started in amazing Alaska, but have since taken us to beautiful Spokane Valley, Washington. Our family consists of Nick (Dad), Becki (Mom), and our four boys: Alvin, Alex, Rilie, and Jackson. I enjoy homeschooling our kids and we're excited for what adventures Spokane has for us.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013


We have had an exciting month, between mom recovering, extended Spring Break, gardening, homeschool conference, catching chickens, soccer, trip to Seattle ... and my very forgetful memory... we've had a lot going on! 

If you didn't know, I had my gallbladder taken out at the beginning of this month. We took an extended Spring Break. I was laid up for two weeks, and moving slow the rest. I feel like I am back to normal. Before that, I was called as Webelos assistant. I couldn't be more excited!! We started our garden: peas, onions, potatoes, and flowers. The boys were big helpers! Rilie learned how to catch a chicken. He couldn't have been more proud!

Other fun things

Alvin and Alex were writing some of their cousins names with pretzels.

They did write Samantha. Somehow the camera missed it. 
It was tricky and their attention span took them onto another activity. 


This month, we went to Seattle to visit family. We visited with Nick's aunt and his cousins. 
They played great with our kids. It was a fantastic trip!

The drive to Seattle isn't long... 
but when you have an energetic toddler and a mobile baby, stops are needed!
This playground was PERFECT! Rilie had earned his jammies at this point, but he had no shame.  

Alvin and Alex enjoyed it too!

The boys enjoyed these fun monkey bars. 


Isn't this a fantastic pictures! First one too!
I wanted Nick to be in it, but he insisted I be in this shot.
Fynn (green shirt), Luke (dark shirt), and Leslie.

We did many fun things. 
These pictures were taken at the Science center.

Fynn, Alvin, and Alex. 

Rilie loves the space shuttle craft thingy. (I didn't have time to read signs.)
He shared well; I was very impressed. 
He wanted to go somewhere in the shuttle and 
he was worried he'd miss out on something cool if he left. 

Alvin and Alex enjoyed it as well. 

Fynn, Aunt Leslie, and Luke putting together a moon puzzle. 

I tried to get lots of pictures of all the boys, but Luke is a bit busy to capture. 
We do have a few of him. 

I love this face!

Touching creatures in the salt water tank. 

Leslie and Fynn looking at snails and hermit crabs. 

Luke and Fynn playing with puzzles. 

Alex wanted to help, but Luke wanted to do it by himself. 

Water Works!

This large sphere needs a good push to get going!

Leslie helping Luke. 

Fynn helping Alex shoot the targets. 

Seattle Aquarium

This tank is full of young salmon.
There was a presenter outside and inside the tank!
They taught us about salmon and orcas. 

This is a tide pool. They have a suction thingy (I'm so technical)
 that created the movement of the tide for the creatures inside. It was fun to watch. 

Almost as tall as a shark; 
They'll keep working on it. 

My kids LOVE jellyfish. 

There were other boards, but they all wanted their pictures taken in this one.

This is a felt board of the ocean with many felt creatures. 
Rilie was good about sharing, Jackson not so much. 

This was fun! We walked through dark tunnels with tanks on both sides. 
Above and to the right of Rilie is a giant clam open (the camera made it blue-ish). It looks beautiful!


This is interesting...

NEMO! Rilie had a hard time leaving this window.

NEMO! Mama Nemo!

Sure, let's throw a picture of mom in there. Behind me is where the sea birds are (puffins, etc). 

Family Picture! It takes two, eh?

Alex inspired this pictures.

Jackson loved looking inside this tank. 

Becoming whale researchers. 

This was a pleasant surprise! A walking seal. 

REI Playland

Luke and Fynn enjoyed showing us their stomping ground. 

This waterfall was outside the parking lot. 

Rilie enjoyed running all over this. Then I read the sign that said no children under 12. 
It's for testing out hiking shoes for proper fit and feel. 

REI Playland

Rilie loved this canoe! This was hard to share, but somehow we managed. 

Leslie and Fynn, this was awesome! All the kids enjoyed playing in these. 

It was such a wonderful trip! We hope to see them again soon. 

Back Home 

Back to mud pies...

(This shot is great!)

Back to playing at our parks...

Always, loving each other...